Super Me! (Vegan-Friendly Protein Powder)

Super Me! (Vegan-Friendly Protein Powder)

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Serving Size: 2 level Tablespoons, blend in a smoothie with whatever you like, add ice and enjoy.

This is mother natures most dense nutrients on the planet we have put together in this blend. 100% nature's nutrients, all from the richest, whole food sources on the planet, NOT man-made, no fillers, nor synthetic ingredients in any way.

We wanted to develop a formula to make the perfect and balanced meal a person can get in so that your body receives the maximum amount of nutrition, vitamins, and minerals that would be absorbed in the shortest amount of time making a huge impact on a persons mind and body! Plus, anyone in the family of any age can enjoy this.

This formula is used for:

  • fatigue/mental awareness and mental clarity
  • a natural and vegan-friendly way to provide the body with protein.
    • 77% per serving(2 level tablespoons) provides the body with natural, complete and most bioavailability proteins the body can absorb.
  • Assists in the removal of heavy metal and radioactive contaminations such as deadly Strontium 90 from the body
  • anti-cancer, rejuvenating digestive organs, builds the immune system
  • regulates sugar levels, corrects metabolism
  • rich with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes such as:
    • Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Vitamin A, K, D, E, C, C-Complex, B, B-1 Thiamine, B-12, Pectin, Rutin, and many more!


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